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Should you get a travel credit card?

A travel credit card can help you build up bonus miles so that you are, in time, able to earn free travel. You can get airline miles on some bank credit cards or you can apply for an airline card from an airline company. Bank credit cards give you the flexibility of earning and spending reward miles on more than just one airline. An airline card is usually specific to that particular airline.

You can get airline travel credit cards from the following airlines:

  • Delta airline
  • American airlines

Or travel credit cards from credit card companies:

  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Capital One

You will have to do some calculations to get the right travel credit card. For example an important question to ask is whether the card is really beneficial to you. This will depend on multiple factors such as the amount of travel you do in a year.

You should calculate how much time will it take for you to earn a free trip at the reward program’s rate, with the amount of travel you do. Travel credit card usually have a higher APR and fees than regular credit cards to pay for the reward items. With the higher interest rate, is the card still worth it?

After you have calculated the amount of time to get you a free ticket, then you need to consider the extra money you will be paying in higher fees during that period of time. If the reward value is greater, the travel credit card may be worth the price. If not you may be better off taking a lower interest credit card and just paying for the ticket by yourself.

Consider whether your major expenses will qualify under the miles program. Also take into account that some travel credit cards may offer 10 or 5 miles per dollar at certain stores and hotels. This can be beneficially if you visit these places often.

Credit card - miles program

Some travel credit cards will allow you to redeem miles with any airline. Others will be specific to one airline. If you can only redeem at one airline, you need to ask whether that airline goes to the destination of your choice and how many miles it will take to redeem for a free ticket to where you want to go.