Credit Cards

Should I cancel my unused credit cards?

Should I cancel my unused credit cards? This is a question many people ask themselves and searching for a right answer. If you are one among them this comprehensive guide will help you how your unused credit cards can affect your credit scoring and some tips to be known before you cancel your unused credit cards.

Though having one or more credit cards with you is an easy way to get some money urgently, remember your unused credit card can affect your credit scoring. Many people are not aware of this fact that their unused credit card will adversely affect their credit score. Closing your unused card will not wipe out your past credit history with the account but it will help you to reduce your open credit. But before you cancel your unused credit cards make sure that you are going to cancel the cards which you think you don’t want anymore. There are several peoples who used to cancel their credit cards just to increase there current credit score. But remember that doing so won’t increase your credit score. That is it is not a good idea to cancel your unused credit cards just as a short term strategy to increase your credit rating.

Before you take a decision of whether to use your credit card or to cancel your unused credit card make a thorough study that you won’t need the credit card at a later stage in your life. That is, make yourself clear why are trying to get rid of a credit card. The next step is to check whether there is any balance to be paid for the credit card you are about to cancel. Don’t try to cancel your credit card while you are paying the balance. Cancel the credit card after you have completely paid the balance amounts. Get a copy of your current credit report and make it clear if your credit card is making any problem to your credit scoring. If not, then why bothering about canceling your unused credit card.

There are also several advantages of keeping a credit card with you. That is keeping a credit card will be an added advantages when you are applying for a vehicle loan or a mortgage. It is seen that most money lenders tend to check how much you owe compared with your maximum available credit. So if you think that you can use your credit card in some form or other it is advisable not to cancel your available credit card. Try to manage your credit card in a good way. After all, by canceling your available credit card you are closing your door for an available amount of credit.