Debt Elimination

The many ways to bad credit

There are many ways in which people build bad credit. Misuse of credit cards, late payments on bills, poor debt management, all can lead an individual towards building a bad credit report.

A credit report contains a record of your financial transactions and it helps lenders decide whether you are an acceptable credit risk or not, depending on your background. Timely payments and a long history can give you good credit, but a large number of people suffer from bad credit or no credit.

Late payments are a major reason why you may have bad credit. Late payments can build distrust with lenders and therefore your credit rating goes down. Frequently delaying your credit card payments and debt repayments can put you tightly in the grip of bad credit. Often it will take years to get rid of late payment records from your credit report.

Another thing that can spoil your credit rating is when lenders check your credit report. The higher the number of lenders checking your report means that you were declined from previous loans. Therefore it is important to consider what loans you apply for and not just apply everywhere to see if you get approved.

Foreclosures and repossessions also lead people to have bad credit. If your property has been taken away because you were unable to pay, it will leave a bad mark on your credit report.

Having declared a bankruptcy can lead you to have bad credit. Lenders will be hesitant to hand over money to someone who has already declared bankruptcy in the past. It can remain on your report for several years.

Also mistakes on your credit report can lead you to develop bad credit and get rejected on loan applications. Identity theft is another way you get a bad credit report while someone else lives it up at your expense.

Even with bad credit you may be eligible for bad credit loans. However the interest rates will be very high. It is advisable to seek credit repair before applying for a loan.

It is in your interest to repair your bad credit so that you are eligible for competitive industry rates when you acquire a credit card, get a home or auto loan, or seek loans to start your own business.