How to start a business on the Internet

So you want to start a business? Good for you. Really, I mean that sincerely. I think about the millions of people that let the thought pass briefly through their minds on he way to work everyday.

The vas majority of people merely toy with the idea at points in their lives when they hate their bosses or their pay or their lack of vacation time. You, on the other hand, are investigating what it takes o start a business. At least you are going to find the answers here and stop wasting time wondering “what if.”

It is very easy to start a business if you do it on the internet. You have little overhead involved, no rent, not even products to stock (if you sell electronic goods)!

What’s more, there are literally thousands of people marketing other peoples’ products as “affiliates.” You can literally start a business using other peoples’ stock, property, know-how, services, and goods.

Affiliate marketing

I know people who are making astounding amounts of money monthly just selling products that don’t even belong to them. I would tell you figures, but you’d never in a million years believe me.

How creative can you be? Well, here’s a little story of a guy who started a business online in one of the most unusual ways I have heard of in a long time.

You remember the deck of cards that the U.S. government created with the top 50 most wanted terrorists? Saddam Hussein was the Ace of Spades, if you recall.

Someone I know of got a hold of a distributor for those cards, and asked if they would take orders from him and ship orders to his customers. He then set up a website, joined Google’s Adwords program where you pay-per-click on your ad, and made $12,000.00 in ONE WEEK selling decks of cards with terrorists on them as souvenirs!

You think you can’t start a business on the internet? Think again! If a guy can make $12,000 a week selling souvenirs, you can certainly find products to sell or even create your own.

Most people start making money online as affiliates. This way you sell other peoples’ products and you get a commission for referring sales to them. All you need for this is some great products to affiliate with, a website, a host for your site, and you have everything you need!

Take my site for instance. I sell other peoples’ products and services and I love it. If you start a business like mine, there is no need to stock any products, get a merchant account, or deal with customer service. The product owners take care of all that.

Never in the history of mankind has it been easier or cheaper to start a business. If you want it, go for it!

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