Saving Money

Save money in ways that make a mark

If you’re trying to run a business on limited funds, or you’ve ever just needed ink for your printer at home, you’ve likely been the victim of sticker shock when you venture out at the last possible minute to purchase a new ink cartridge. Because of the ridiculously high cost of ink and toner, most of us wait to buy one until we absolutely have to–when our printer can no longer give us a readable page. At that point, we often wind up buying the first matching cartridge we find, and we pay dearly for it.

And we’re supposed to be trying to SAVE money here, right?

Like everyone else, I used to get really frustrated when our printer ran out of ink. I waited until the last minute to buy a new cartridge because of the outlandish expense, but probably ended up paying more in my last-minute desperation to find the first compatible cartridge. Because I always waited until it was too late, I never thought to venture online to buy cartridges and save some money. But, if I had known just how much money I could save, I would have had an extra cartridge on hand all the time, avoiding that familiar “gotta-have-it-now” crisis.

Now, I’m not talking about visiting the Office Max or Staples website, or ordering direct from the manufacturer of your printer. There are other, perhaps lesser-known online retailers who offer ink and toner cartridges for as much as 43-81% off regular retail prices. How do they do it? Well, most of their cartridges aren’t the big name brand ones that manufacturers and their loyal retailers want you to buy. They are perfectly compatible with the equipment they’re meant for, but without the popular brand name on the front. Some of the cartridges you find on these sites may be refurbished or recycled, but you’re still getting the same great quality, at a drastically lower price.

For many of us with older or hard-to-find equipment, the right cartridge can be difficult to find in stock at brick-and-mortar stores, and the rarity may inflate the price even more. However, online stores can generally stock a better variety of items, and have the resources to find whatever cartridge you might need.

The bottom line? Going online to purchase ink and toner cartridges is hands-down the best way to get the product you need, at significant savings.

About the author
Author Maria Myers is the owner of Heartland Ink. Heartland Ink carries ink and toner cartridges that are compatible with virtually every make and model of printer, at drastic savings over other retailers. For more information, please visit Contact Maria Myers at 877.791.5187 or