Saving Money

Prepaid phone cards will save you money on all your long distance calls

If you make a lot of long distance phone calls, you may find that you can save money by doing what many people are doing: taking advantage of prepaid phone cards. Prepaid phone cards can be used to call just about any country in the world. Prepaid phone cards are plastic cards that allow you to pay for your long distance needs in advance. The cost per minute is much less than calling from a: hotel, airport or conventional pay phone.

Prepaid Phone Cards for domestic and international calling.

One of the great features of Prepaid phone cards you don’t get any monthly bills. The other benefit of prepaid phone cards is that you can budget your long distance calling. Unlike regular phone cards where you are charged a connection fee as high as 80 cents a minute for every call you make, prepaid phone card has no hidden fees associated with it.

A pre-paid phone card is a card you purchase (for a set price) and use to make long distance phone calls. These cards are usually sold in dollar amounts or by number of minutes.

Many people use a pre-paid phone card because of the card’s convenience – it can be used anywhere and, since you pay in advance, there is no bill. Pre-paid phone cards are popular among travelers, students, people who frequently call overseas, and those who haven’t selected a long-distance service.

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