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Pass out your own CD’s

Recently we bought a new computer at a bargain basement price. We were surprised to discover it came with software for recording your own CDs. This “CD burning” software is now cheap and becoming common place.

Consider recording and distributing your own CDs. You can get CD blanks at many computer and electronics stores and websites. There are several inexpensive digital recording programs you download from that will let you put tracks right on your computer.

You don’t need to be a recording artist to do it. Simply record yourself telling about your products and services or provide some helpful tips related to your industry. If you are selling business to business, interview an expert known to those in your clients’ field.

For years consumers have known big record companies press CDs for less than a dollar, yet sell them for $15 or more. People think of CDs as being valuable, much more so than a cheap cassette. Customers and prospects are likely to save a CD just like they would a book or booklet.

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