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Postcard newsletters attract new business

Combine a postcard with a newsletter and you create a new way to reach prospects!

Postcard newsletters create a powerful synergy between online and offline marketing. Postcard newsletters combine the tangibility of mailed print communications with the power of the Internet.

Postcard newsletters permit you to efficiently (and legally) market to prospects who have not yet given you permission to contact them via e-mail.

In addition, you gain an efficient way to drive targeted traffic to your web site where prospects can download print and audio information, beginning profitable relationships that should last for years.


The goal of a postcard newsletter is not to communicate everything you know about each topic. Rather, the goal is to tease clients and prospects into wanting to learn more! You tease best when you:

  1. Communicate enough information to engage your prospects.
  2. Convince prospects to visit your website to download more information and sign-up to receive future newsletters via e-mail.

Once you break out of the “I’ve got to tell everything in this mailing!” mentality, you open up numerous low cost, marketing opportunities for yourself and your firm.

The starting point

Start by creating a “full size,” i.e., 8 1/2 by 11 inch, two-sided, One-Page Newsletter. (See for information and templates.

After developing a topic in the 625 words, (or less), required for a full-size One-Page Newsletter, you can easily extract the two or three most important ideas and reformat them as a postcard.

The easiest way to do this is to use a yellow highlighter to identify the most important ideas in your newsletter, so you can copy and paste the main ideas into a 4×6 or 6×9 inch postcard format.

Content and layout

The front of your postcard newsletter should contain a summary of the information-and its relevance- contained in the full-size newsletter that prospects can download from your website.

The front should also contain a reduced-size version of your One-Page Newsletter’s nameplate. In addition, there should be a brief, unchanging, mission statement, plus a description of your firm and the benefits you offer your clients.

In addition to the recipient’s address and your return address, the back of the postcard should describe the specific landing page where postcard recipients can download each month’s One-Page Newsletter and sign up to receive future issues.

When appropriate, you can place coupons or promotional messages on the back of the postcard. Or, you can even sell or trade space to non-competing firms serving the same market as you do.

From newsletters to dollars

Convert newsletters into dollars by creating and promoting products and services that complement the topic of each issue.

Spin-off’s can be as simple, or as elaborate, as desired. Options include 9-12 page reports, audio downloads, e-books, teleseminars, tip sheets, training, tutorials, seminars, and workshops.

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