Home based business or lottery ticket?

Since I have a website that shows people a sane and reliable way to build a small business from home in their spare time, I have to do a lot of research in this area. I’m consistently appalled by what passes for a “business opportunity” on the web these days. “Earn $30,000 per month without lifting a finger”, “For just $99 we will set you up with a complete business that runs itself!”. It’s really sad, but many many people fall victim to these scams and either wind up giving up on the idea of starting a real business at home, or at the very least loose some money and delay any possibility of success.

It seems like it would almost be more honest for the web page at the other end of these bogus claims to be a page selling lottery tickets. I’ve got nothing against lottery tickets. You pay your money and you take your chances. Your chances are not very good, but then, the ticket doesn’t cost much either. With a lottery ticket at least you do have SOME chance of winning the big bucks. With the vast majority of sites claiming to have a “business opportunity” to sell you, the “ticket price” is much higher and there is literally no chance whatsoever that you will make any decent money.

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How can you tell the fakes and frauds from the real thing? It’s actually quite simple. Do you remember the line from “The Matrix”…”There is no spoon”. Well, this is similar…”There is no money tree”. Get that straight, and everything else falls into place. Does this website make claims that amount to trying to sell you a money tree? Could you easily translate their catch line into “send us some money and we will give you something that pays you thousands of dollars a month”? No mention of any work on your part. You just sit around and sip exotic drinks by the pool while the money rolls in. Never existed, never will. If somebody did own an orchard full of money trees, you would never hear about it. Why would he want to sell you one?

Now that I’ve painted such a dreary picture of your chances for home based business success, I need to tell you that people can and do make money from home grown businesses. But they have to work at it. It takes work to build a real business. It takes work and know-how. On my site, I bust wide open the myths of this industry and provide all the know-how you need to build a real and profitable and sustainable business from home in your spare time.

If that sounds like too much work…there is always the lottery.

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