Conquer customer doubt

The biggest hurdle advertising has to jump is doubt. Most people take ads with a grain of salt. They generally don’t believe everything you say and sometimes don’t accept anything your ad claims.

Fortunately there are several ways to conquer customer doubt.

Include testimonials from satisfied customers. Use comments that reflect the main benefits you give to customers. Yesterday we got a note from a client thanking us for “completing my sales letter so fast and writing so convincingly.” That’s just the kind of thing our customers want and you can bet his words will go on our site soon.

Rubber stamp with the word "Endorsed".

Get endorsements from other well known people in your industry. Customers will think if SHE thinks this is a good deal, it must be. You see the endorsement technique used well on a lot of sites selling ebooks and courses. Experts often give you an endorsement just for promoting their name in your materials.

Finally, provide proof that your product or service works as promised. Show the exact results several clients got. Some sites even display their bank statement or large checks they have received.

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