Closing a sale

Closing a sale can sometimes be as easy as simply asking. Other times, it can be much more difficult. When it is time to ask for the order, here are 3 ways to make to close the sale.

Establish a deadline. Sometimes forcing a decision can be good.
Some customers are indecisive. Telling them your price or service is only available for a certain amount of time could help you close the deal. If not, at least you are free to move on to other prospects.

Let the prospect know if you plan a price increase. If your company plans to change their pricing, start calling people early to get them to purchase before the increase occurs. Customers and prospects will appreciate the notice.

Discuss the consequences of sitting on a sale. Have the prospect consider what it would cost them not to purchase your product or service.

Closing a sale can be easy if you work these tips into your discussions as naturally as possible.

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