Credit Cards

American Express credit card information

American Express credit cards are widely accepted and provide plenty of benefits. American express is a global company, and has a diversified financial services portfolio. Besides charge cards and credit cards, American express is also involved in financial services such as mutual funds, brokerage, insurance, etc.

You can apply for an American Express credit card online at their company Website for quick results. After you have considered your credit needs, you can select an American Express credit card and fill out an application. You will usually receive a quick response after your application has been evaluated.

You have a wide selection of American express credit cards available to choose from. You can search for low interest, rewards or the ideal combination of the above. Some of the American express credit cards you can apply for include:

  • American Express Gold cards
  • American Express Green cards
  • American Express Platinum cards
  • Blue from American Express

Not all applications are accepted for an American Express credit card. Each card will have different requirements for credit score and financial position before the application is accepted.

You can apply for prepaid American Express credit cards, hotel cards, air mile cards, sport cards, cash rebate cards, etc. They offer a range of reward credit cards to customers from shopping, to entertainment to travel rewards. By selecting the right reward program that comes with your American Express credit card, you can make sure you are building up reward points towards an item that is of high value to you.

You can get a personal American Express credit card or a business American Express credit card. American Express also provides merchant accounts which allow merchants to accept credit transactions at their business premises or online.

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American Express also provides you with a convenient way to manage your American Express credit card account online. You can arrange to pay your bills online. You can set up automatic bill payments through your American express credit card, thereby avoiding any missed or late payments. Online accounts can allow you to review your statements at your own convenience, thus helping to avoid unauthorized charges on your account and increasing your chances of finding any mistakes on your statement.

Besides credit cards, American Express also offers a variety of financial services to its customers. American Express provides financial advice and personalized solutions for individual and businesses. They help build retirement accounts and also provide auto insurance. American Express financial advisors can provide credit consultations for customers on how to best use their credit accounts.