Credit Cards

Acquiring a low interest credit card

Low interest credit card can be vital for those individuals who often carry a balance. Interest accumulation can lead to a growing balance and increasing debt. A low interest credit card is one way of alleviating this problem.

Low interest credit card is usually available for those with good or excellent credit. Companies usually advertise their lowest APRs, but these are only available to the best customers. However by searching around you can find the lowest interest cards that are available to people with bad credit.

Many credit cards are offering a 0 % introductory rate. This is available for a period of time stated on the contract. After that the offer expires and reverts back to a higher APR. Make sure you pay attention to this higher APR when signing up for a credit card.

Zero percent introductory (credit card)

Also consider if with the low interest rates there are any excess fees. Sometimes it may be worth it to have a high annual payment if your interest rate is significantly low.

You can use a low interest credit card offer to transfer your current balance over to your new card. In such a situation it is important to see if the new card has any transfer fees and limits on the balance that can be transferred. A balance transfer can save you a lot of money by reducing the interest accumulating on your balance.

Still it is important to consider the effects of such low interest credit cards. Promises of low interest and delayed payments can often lure people into excess spending and get them into huge credit card debt. Just remember to charge only what you can afford to pay back, even at the low interest rate.

Build up a good history is a great way to get low interest credit cards. If you have a bad credit history, consider trying to repair it before getting a card. Or if you have repaired your credit since you got your credit card, apply for a new one if your APR has not been reduced. As your credit score goes up it will bring the interest rates down and save you a lot of money.