Personal Finance

Top ten ways to save money

Today as the amount of money needed to lead a comfortable life is slowing increasing most of us are worried thinking how to make ends meet. But there are several ways to save money. Lets us discuss ten ways to save money.

Using Home Appliances which are Energy Efficient

Check out whether your old washer or refrigerator is consuming more energy. If so you can go for a new one as today there are numerous models available in the market which is much energy sufficient than the older ones. However, if there is only a slighter difference between the two, there is no need to pay hundreds of extra dollars. So before making a purchase make sure that you are selecting the model which provides you the highest possible energy rating.

Get Free Samples

Most of the manufactures offer samples of their products. In most cases all you have to do is to send a letter or an email to the respective department. The manufacturers will send you the freebie as a coupon or a product. If it is a coupon you can purchase the product from any of their shop near your city.

Shop the Wholesale Clubs

Most of the wholesale clubs such as Sam’s Club, BJs, and Costco offers generally 10-30% discounts than the supermarkets. These shops also take coupons also. Hence shopping the wholesale clubs can also save your money. They take coupons too.

Click Coupons

Clipping coupons is a good way to save money. Today it is seen that most of the stores provide even double or triple manufacturers’ coupons on a certain amount as an added “come on” to get customers to their shops. This is an advantage for customers as they can avail products at a discount.


Though food is a need for everyone, it is also a recurring expense. Hence it is a better option to keep an account on the money you are spending on food. This can make a notable difference in the money you could save in every month. So try to plan food purchases in advance.

Go to the Library

Barnes & Noble and Borders offers its customers with an exquisite selection of books. Check whether your free public library has the same title you want. If not, enquire your librarian whether he/she can order the book for you. If they can get it for you, why paying a few dollars for a bestseller? Save money!!

Shop and Compare

Nowadays with the advent of internet customers are getting the opportunity to compare and then shop almost any product available in the market. So before making any purchase, compare the price of the product. There are several companies which offer products online; in most cases they provide goods at a less rate than a shop.


Telephone is a not at all a new thing in ones house. This is an area where most of the people’s money drains like an open tap. Even though local phone service has a fixed price long distance calls matters. Try to reduce unnecessary calls and save few dollars every month. Check out the best service provider who can give you the same service at a reduced cost. Keep in mind, saving a few dollars a month can add up to a bigger amount in a year’s time.

Reuse and Recycle

Some items you think of no use and thrown away can be used recycled and reused in several ways. So check whether the things you discard are definitely of no use. Also if the items are of no use you can sell it at a garage sale and earn some money than throwing it away.


Peoples fascination for clothes is another area which consumes lots of money. In the recent years it is seen that the price of clothes is continuously on an upward spiral. Hence we can try to save our money by purchasing quality clothes that lasts a longer period. Such clothes are better than the ‘throw away’ types.

The above mentioned are just ten ways to save money. There are many countless ways to save money beyond these ten ways. Saving money is not just putting all your income in your savings account. It is all about how cleverly you are spending your income as well as keeping an account on all the unnecessary expenses.