This little benefit went to market

Whether you’re an independent representative for a direct sales company that’s a giant in the industry or with a company that’s the Next Big Thing, you know how critical it is to focus your marketing messages when promoting your business opportunity.

You’re probably aware that your marketing strategy has a much better chance of survival with a focused message. You not only want to address your potential recruit’s needs and wants, but you want them to join your business opportunity and be on your team.

This rule may seem a little obvious, but it’s shocking to note the number of network marketers with the best of intentions, who disregard these words of wisdom. Unfortunately, many network marketers fail to focus on the benefits that they offer the people they sponsor.

Unless you’re an independent representative for a company that has a monopoly in its industry, you have to compete in a marketplace with other network marketing companies where business opportunity seekers may find it hard to distinguish your MLM opportunity from your competitors’ opportunities.

Of course, you are very aware of the tangible and intangible benefits that you and your company provide to the new people that join your downline. Perhaps you’re great at three-way calls and quick start training. Maybe it’s the personal time that you give to help your new business partner. Or possibly it’s helping them create their 30-second commercial.

Again: you definitely know all about these little things that you and your company offer. However, you need to look deep within and ask yourself a question: are your opportunity prospects aware of this too? If the answer is no, then don’t stress out or worry: there are many network marketers in the same situation as you.

The solution is to get in the habit of promoting the benefits – the little special things – that you and your company provide.

Because of your experience, the differences between your company and other companies are obvious, but only to you and others already in your company. Your prospects, however, need to be made aware of the benefits. They also need to know why they should take advantage of your business opportunity and join your downline instead of your competitor.

Make benefits part of your marketing message. Take them to market and sponsor more people.

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