How to spot a newwork marketing business that works

If you’ve ever joined a network marketing company and seen little or no success, do you know what went wrong? Did you feel like you just didn’t understand how to run the business or just weren’t cut out for it? Well, if you thought your failure to succeed was your fault, I have good news; you probably just picked the wrong opportunity.

If you want to choose the right opportunity–one that will give you the best chances for success–there a few important things you need to consider.

  1. Is the opportunity “ground floor”? Everyone touts their opportunity as the next big ground floor opportunity. The phrase is overused, but there is something to it. How long has the company been in business? It’s tempting to go with an opportunity that’s been around for years, but if it’s been too long, all the best opportunities for growth have probably already passed by. Perhaps what you want isn’t the ground floor, but the very foundation. Start-ups might seem risky, but look for one with strong leaders and company backing.
  2. What are the products? You want products that are consumable and must be re-purchased time after time. You also want products that are innovative, new, and that don’t already have a lot of competition. Look for product industries that are already popular, but have something new to offer. If the product the company is selling is groundbreaking, there’s bound to be more public interest–and more income for you.
  3. How are you compensated? Are you awarded just commission on those you refer, or are there several levels after that? Make sure your earnings percentage is strong–at least 20% at the first level. Make sure you also read the fine print to find out what procedures are used to put others in your downline, and what they have to do in order for you to make money.
  4. Who’s in charge? Make sure the company you’re joining has strong leadership. Look for a founder who has experience in network marketing and has been successful at it. Is the financial backing of the company coming from individual investors or a big corporation? You’re probably better off with the latter, but you still need to find out who the company is and what their experience in this area has been.
  5. What’s the catch? There isn’t always a catch, but you need to make sure you fully understand what will be expected of you once you join. Is it going to be difficult to make money? Do you have to sign any kind of contract? What’s the upfront investment? Companies who ask for no investment probably won’t earn you much, but those who ask for thousands of dollars better be able to tell you how–and how soon–you can make your investment back.

About the author
Author Greg Aldrich is one of the first 100 distributors for a new company with a ground-breaking new wellness product that has never been seen before. He represents an opportunity in the foundation of this corporate-backed program, with a generous compensation plan and leaders who have already made millions in network marketing. For more information, please visit