Personal Finance

Simple Living – Saves a lot

It is a known fact that we live in a world were the ‘green paper with presidents head’ holds the key to all over activities. If I had a little extra cash I could have easily managed it? This is a thought that passes through our mind quite often. Instead of trying to make that extra buck, have you ever thought about saving some extra money from your monthly income? For example, usually you dine out four times a month? How about cutting it down to two. You might call this simple living but it saves that ‘green paper’, which sometimes chokes us!

Simple living does not mean that you have to compromise on your favorite activities or start a pious life. Just by rearranging your daily routine and habits you can easily save a lot of money. For this the most crucial step is to understand your income and how it is spend. Make a list of all your activities and at the end of the week or month and just go through it. Don’t you think you can cut down on your soda/pop consumption by 1 liter a week or how about taking lunch four times a week to work? Just by this little changes in your routine you will be saving at least $15 a week. When you have a look your routine you will soon find that a simple living can save a lot of money.

Take a look around your home and in your garage and look at the pile of unwanted things around. In a momentary impulse you purchased all this stuff and now they just simply eat up your space. Before purchasing an item see whether it is worth buying. You should not fall for the temptations an advertiser creates. It is true that we live in a highly sophisticated and consumarized world but that should not be an excuse for buying up any thing that you see in an advertisement. Try to learn from the past mistakes. Before investing on a new gadget thoroughly assess its value you. Try spending on more nature friendly products that have the same quality you are looking for at a price lesser. Avoid spending money on those items that can be rented. Do not buy those magazines and books that can be borrowed.

Researches after researches have showed that the junk food we consume poisons our body and eats into our wallet. Cultivate a habit of eating when you are hungry and not for your taste buds. Gulping up your favorite pizza even though you are not hungry finally ends you up in the hospital bed. You paid for the pizza, which was a ticket for your medical bill. This does not mean to give up your favorite food totally. Eat it when you are hungry but do not become addict to it. Try to include green vegetables and nuts, which are cheaper than the junk food and healthier. Similarly, if at the work place you are of the habit of taking 1 cappuccino substitute it with 1 coffee. Simple living should start from your dinning table; try to avoid wasting food materials. Before preparing the dinner make sure that your menu only has those items that your family likes. Do not cook for each individual.

Avoid using cars for short distances, which can be reached by walking. This saves on gas and also improves your health. Using the public transport system is another way of simple living to save some extra cash. Timely maintenance of your vehicle saves money and it also pollutes less.

A gift warms relationships. The most appreciated gifts are those that are useful, when purchasing a gift keep in mind the use of it. When a gift of $20 would have been useful, just for the sake of satisfying your ego do not go for a gift of $50.

We are unfortunately living in a culture that promotes consumerism and where the common phrase is ‘gotta have more and bigger.’ This mad race for eating up whatever the market has to offer has become a habit and some of us are unknowingly addicted to it. So, next time before you decide to change your mobile phone just pause a minute and ask why I am I changing it? Is it because there is a new style of mobile or has your mobile become outdated?

Every penny you save through simple living shows itself up at the end of the month and you will never have look for a payday loan.