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Real estate investment without the real estate

We’ve all heard the same advice over and over again: “the best investment you can make is in real estate.” “Want to make great money? Try real estate.” “Just buy a house, fix it up, then sell it. It’s easy.”

Ha! It’s true that real estate is a great investment, but first you have to buy that real estate, sit on it for a while or fix it up, then pay a Realtor to list and sell the property. Right? Wrong!

You may have heard of the real estate cash flow industry. In this business, you deal only with real estate notes. There is no buying and selling of actual property. You find real estate notes, list them for sale, and make a profit. It’s a quick process, and it can give you great results. You can even do it using little or none of your own money.

The vast majority of people who hold real estate notes (i.e. home sellers who have personally financed all or a portion of their house upon selling) would much rather have cash. This is where you come in. You buy the note at far below its value, usually half; the holder gets the cash they want, and you get a great deal. Then, you turn around and sell that note to another investor at an amount that’s closer to its value. You can give the investor a great deal, but still make a huge profit.

Investors love to buy these notes from you because they know they’re getting a steal. The only tricky part is finding the note, but there are courses out there that show you exactly what steps to take through the entire process.

Russ Dalbey’s course, for example, takes students step by step through the complete process of how to find, list, and sell real estate notes. There is no special certification required.

The cash flow business is a trillion-dollar industry. In short, cash flow business investors put note holders and investors together, keeping a handsome chunk of every note’s value. People make anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars on every transaction, and it’s not difficult to do.

If you’ve always wondered about investing in real estate but didn’t want the hassle, real estate notes are a viable, less complicated, and lucrative option.

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