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Promoting an affiliate program? Get your own web site

Recently we’ve tried to help several clients who were promoting an affiliate program, but didn’t own their own web site. This can create some problems.

Many search engines won’t list a replicated affiliate site that looks just like hundreds or thousands of other sites. The content is too similar to be considered an individual web page worth listing.

Another client thought she had solved the problem on the way-too-long affiliate address ( by getting her own domain name that redirected. All was well until she tried to get her ads on top pay-per-click search engine GoTo. “We don’t list redirecting sites,” they wrote, “because people can’t back-click to GoTo.”

Sorry for indulging in so much techno speak. The clear solution is to get your own web site where you can list and promote–in your own way–the various affiliate programs you represent.

Even a free site on or will do for many. Design your site with the easy templates these firms provide, or get an html design program like MS Front Page or Dreamweaver. You can download free design programs from like popular Arachnophilia.

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