Professional document destruction tips

Document shredding is an essential measure to protecting your home or business’s personal information. Learn the advantages of on site and off site professional document destruction.

Identity theft is becoming more common. So are crimes like bank fraud and business spying. Believe it or not, dumpster divers are a real problem. Whether it be protecting yourself against someone opening a credit card under your name, or saving against an outsider learning your business secrets, document shredding has become a necessity in today’s society.

Families who do not need to shred many things could benefit from using an in-house shredder, usually located on top of a trash can. This is good for shredding the monthly bills and an occasional credit card application. However, businesses go through too much paper too waste their time with a small shredder. Hiring a professional document shredding service is a better idea.

There are two main options when it comes to professional shredding: on site or off site. An on site shred is often considered the safest option, but with a trusted shredding company both options are great, it just depends on your needs and volume of paper. When you choose on site this means a truck comes to your business or home and shreds right there; hence the name. With this option you could setup daily, weekly, or monthly shreds and not have to worry about document security. Many companies will provide you with storage containers to securely store your documents until your next scheduled shred day. Modern technology has enabled shredding companies to provide a camera on their truck so that you can be assured each and every document is completely destroyed. They will also provide you with a certificate of destruction. The shredding company will then take your shredded documents to their warehouse to be recycled.

The other option for professional shredding services is off site destruction. What typically happens with off site service is that the company provides you with a container to place your documents in. They will then lock this container and load it on their truck to take to their shredding machines in the warehouse. Security cameras monitor the shredding of your documents, and then the company provides you with a certificate of destruction, which also notes the time of destruction in case of audit.

A pile of scredded documents (paper).

The benefits of hiring a professional shredding company to securely shred your company’s documents are countless. Your payroll hours will not be effected by tedious shredding and your personnel wont have to waste business time on shredding paper. There is no bulky equipment needed in the office and there are no maintenance fees. There is also no noise or paper dust when shredding is outsourced. No prep is needed for professional services either, meaning you don’t need to remove: paper clips, rubber bands, staples, or even folders. And the best benefit is that all shredded paper will be recycled. Your paper shreds are neatly removed from your business premises and taken to a recycling center to help save the environment.

When choosing a shredding company there are some tips to keep in mind. Because you do not want the information contained in your documents compromised it is important to choose a trustworthy and reliable shredding service. Start by choosing a company that is part of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). The company should also comply with all state and federal regulations regarding document destruction. In addition a good tip is to check the drivers of the destruction trucks for identification and proper uniform.

Shredding vital business and personal documents through a professional shredding company will safely and effectively protect you identity and business secrets. Its quick, easy, and could be a great hire for your company!

About the author
Andy Lawson and Southland shredding, a California document shredding services company, work to prevent information security issues by providing collection centers and mobile shredding services for the secure document destruction needs of Southern California companies, government offices or individual privacy protection.