MLM training – Creating an explosive start with your new MLM distributor

OK…you have a new MLM distributor. What do you do with that person? Good question! There is a “Success Path” that we suggest following that has proven effective and powerful for the new distributor.

You MUST Schedule what we call a “Kickoff Meeting” within 72 hours after siging the application. This is the official “kick off” of their business, and psychologically is the official opening of their doors for business with the public.This meeting lasts about an hour, and helps to educate them on most aspects of your company, products, pay plan, and training.

There are topics you need to cover with the distributor to get them going quickly! When you meet with your new MLM distributor, whether in their home or at a restaurant, be sure to cover these topics completely.

Here are the steps we have always recommended:


You must cover all the paperwork, including the application, order, any tools they may want, and any other neccessary paperwork needed for Success in your company.


What kind of order to they want? Does the company have certain packages to purchase? Let them decide what is best for them, and make sure they have the order paperwork filled out properly.

3.Company, Product, and Pay Plan Information.

Give them any information on the company and products they need. Keep it simple. Make sure they know who the owners are, and the history of the MLM company.Make sure they are familar with an overview of the product line. And cover the pay plan in general terms, DON’T COMPLICATE! And get them to a local fast start training as soon as possible.

4.Review Planner.

If your company has a Success Planner or a New Dealer Kit, then go through it with them. This will help to start focusing them into the training from the company.

5.Review Other Tools.

What other tools does the company have that the new distributor will need? Make sure you cover them as well.


What kind of brochures does the company have for marketing? Cover those with the new person, and get them familiar with these powerful visual tools.

7.Listen to any 24/7 Conference Calls.

Does your company have 24/7 recruiting or training calls that you can use? If so, let them new distributor hear them. If your company does not have them, then you may want to consider doing them yourself.

8.Upline Introductions.

Who is your upline? You need to introduce them to your new person. Call them ahead of time to insure they will be available. Have your upline welcome them aboard and offer any assistance needed.

9.Introduce and Familiarize them with the Websites.

Show your new person the website and all the details of it, including the back office, if there is one.

10.Prospect List/Memory Jogger.

Make a list of the first 10 people the new distributor will call. This is their HOT market.Then make a list of the next 25 they will call. This is the start of their warm market list. That is a good number to start with, and it won’t overwhelm them. Eventually, you will come up with at least with 150 names with them.

11.Introduce 3-way Calling.

Make sure they have 3 way calling on their phone. And then show them how to do a 3 way with you. They must learn to MASTER the 3 way call to master Success in MLM.

l2.Schedule First 3 PBR’s.

In Home Meetings are a great way to launch a new business. A PBR is a Private Business Reception. Plan on inviting the new person’s warm market to an In Home Celebration of their new business, and hold 3 of them within the next 45 days. Send out invitations of the first PBR 72 hours after this meeting.

13.Schedule to Attend next 3 Local Events.

When are the next local training and special events? Schedule them to be there to learn, and also to bring friends to these events.

14. Goals and Dreams.

What are the first 7 day goals? What are the first 30 day goals? How many sales will be achieved? How many new distributors will be recruited? What volume is the target? How many hours a week will the new person work and wehn are they? And complete their “Golden Dozen List.” This is a list of the 12 things that the new person wants their new business to bring into their life that is not currently there. Is it a new home? A new car? Write down the “WHY” that they are doing Network Marketing, and what they want Network Marketing to change in their life.

Coffee cup on a napkin with the words "A goal without a plan is just a wish"

15) What things will discourage the new distributor enough to make them want to leave the business? (THIS ONE IS IMPERATIVE TO COVER!)

Find these out, as you need to know this so you can help the new distributor get through them if they should show up. These are the “Success Landmines” that you need to locate and lead the new distributor around.

These are the things you initially need to get the new distributor off to an Explosive start. List them in a checklist to make sure you cover them. Encourage constantly the new distributor, and pour into them at this meeting your confidence in them. Create an EXPLOSIVE start by following these steps to Massive Success in MLM and Network Marketing.


Schedule the first 10 warm market phone calls with them. Put down in your planner when this will take place, and then plan on starting the phone call session with them. Preferrably this takes place within 24 hours of the Kick Off Meeting.

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