Credit Cards

Lower your credit card interest rate now

With today’s credit card companies, there are many opportunities to get your cards rate of 21% or more reduced. The higher the amount of interest your card charges will cost you more for a simple purchase and ultimately may take you years to pay off instead of months, should you make the minimum payment allowed. People often just pay the minimum balance as a way to improve their credit rating; this couldn’t be a more dangerous way to increase your credit score. Leveraging the credit card company to say “Uncle” to your ability to switch over is easier than you think.

The switch over tactic

If your credit card interest rate is over 20% you should definitely seek relief in several ways. One of these ways is to let them know you are thinking of moving to a competitor’s credit card because they are offering a lower rate. They will move promptly to earn your dollars and interest. Let them know how unsatisfied you are about their ability to reduce your percentage rate commensurate with your ability to pay your bill in a timely manner. They will probably put you on hold immediately and speak with a manager to get your rate reduced.

Don’t be afraid to move to another credit card company

Some credit card companies will not budge when it comes to reducing your rate: even if you threaten to leave them. That is when you look for another credit card that meets your immediate financial needs. Shop around to the major credit card companies and seek out the best possible rates. You can also search on the Internet for sites that give the best credit card ratings. This will allow you to make a financial decision that can save you hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

Move credit card company

There are a dozen reputable credit card companies in the market who are willing to sign you up to earn your interest. These cards will even offer to assume your previous credit card debt to help reduce the interest you are bearing on those accounts.