Credit Cards

Use low interest rate credit cards to save thousands of dollars

Credit Card allows customers to gain consumer credit while purchasing any product or service. Over the years, credit cards have become a much popular form of payment for consumer goods and services not only in the United States but all over the world. Cards can be broadly classified in to two – charge cards and credit cards. Credit cards, for example Visa and MasterCard, allows the customers to pay a minimum amount every month for any purchases with an interest charge on the unpaid balance. Charge cards, on the other hand, for example American Express allows the user to pay for all the purchases he had done at the end of the billing period.

Credit cards are considered as a great financial tool and nowadays there are a number of credit card issuers offering a wide variety of terms for their cards. Hence before selecting a credit card it is better to have some idea of credit card offers and how to select a low interest rate credit card. Interest rate is considered as the most significant factors to be considered while selecting a credit card. This comprehensive guide will help you with several tips on how to choose low interest rate credit card for you.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the cost of credit, which is usually expressed as a yearly interest rate. According to the size of your balance, the difference in annual percentage rate can surely make a big difference. Hence if you wish to carry a balance, that is not to pay the complete amount each month, then it is a better idea to use low interest rate credit cards. Use a low interest rate credit card to save thousands of dollars on your credit card interest expenses.

Woman sitting with a laptop and paying with her credit card

With the advent of Internet, now one can also buy a low interest rate credit card through Internet. Buying a low interest rate credit card through internet is easy. There are many banks, which offer you facilities for online credit card. For buying an online credit card, you have to find out a bank in your home country, which gives you such facility. There are some short formalities to be completed for getting your credit card approval. While filling up your application form, the only main thing you should have is your social security number and a valid passport number, which shows your identification to get tied up with a credit card. VISA, Citi, American Express, and Blue Cash, are some of the major leaders offering online credit card.

Nowadays most of the leading banks and credit card companies offer low interest rate credit cards. Credit card companies and banks are vying each other by offering its customers different schems such as lowest interest rate, 0% introductory offers, best rewards, and the minimum fees possible. That is, customers are getting an option to make a comparision of the numerous low interest rate credit cards of different companies. This helps the customers to choose a low interst rate credit card which suits him the best. By using low interest rate credit cards you are saving lots of money.