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How to save money on long distance calling cards and cheap phone cards

In the old days (7-10 years ago) there were no long distance calling cards and cheap phone cards so it could cost you a ton of money to make long distance calls. Calling your grandparents in another state or calling home from college on the weekends was very expensive and prohibitive. Those days have gone forever and now it’s more convenient and inexpensive than ever to stay in touch with friends and relatives from not only the next state, but also the next country with long distance calling cards. You can find prepaid long distance calling cards that are literally only pennies a minute to call from anywhere in the Continental U.S. to anywhere in the Continental U.S. And for calling international? Wow! Have the prices ever dropped for calling overseas. It used to be 1 or 2 dollars a minute just to call Asia or Europe; now those same phone calls can be made for a tenth of that or better.

Which type of Long Distance Calling Cards works best for you.

When looking to save money on your long distance calling cards narrow down what your calling habits usually entail. Do you generally call only within the U.S. or do you also call your old friends in Australia? Deciding on the type of calling you engage in will save you quite a bit of money as you shop for the best long distance calling cards with the most minutes and the cheapest rates.

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