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Fixing poor credit

There is much advice about how to get good credit, expert advice and not-so expert advice. There are many things to learn about fixing poor credit. There are good things that you can do and better things that you can do. There are a few things that you should not do at all.

If you are trying to learn about fixing poor credit, there is so information for sale that you may end up spending a lot of money, if you are not careful. Spending money learning about how to get good credit, expert recommendations and services related to credit repair is not necessarily a bad thing. Bad credit costs consumers thousands of dollars a year in interest alone, so fixing poor credit is a worthwhile investment. But, there are many products and services that may be bad investments. Here’s a little advice about how to tell the difference.

The Federal Trade Commission offers information about how to get good credit, expert advice about fixing poor credit and about choosing a credit repair company. They recommend that consumers should avoid companies that claim that fixing poor credit can be done quickly. Credit repair is a time-consuming process, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

When it comes to how to get good credit, expert and non-expert agree that paying your bills on time is the key. This is because past payment history is such a big part of your credit score. If you have never had credit and you apply for a secured or unsecured credit card, make your payments on time and pay your balance off monthly, you will be surprised how quickly that company will raise your credit limit. This does not have much to do with fixing poor credit, only establishing a good credit history. Your credit score is affected by the amount of available credit which you have at your disposal. If you have a credit card with a high limit, but it is charged up to the max and you only make minimum monthly payments, then your credit score will not be any better than a person whose credit card has a very low limit.

Most programs concerned with fixing poor credit focus on removing inaccurate, obsolete, unverifiable or misleading information from the credit reports maintained by the three major credit bureaus. A how to get good credit expert will be more concerned with establishing and maintaining credit scores. They may offer credit monitoring services or suggestions for borrowing wisely. A fixing poor credit expert will focus more on what has happened in the past. Once problem credit has been improved then advice from a how to get good credit expert will help the consumers keep their credit scores high. For more information about how to get good credit, expert credit repair professionals and general credit information, visit Credit Fix Solutions.

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