Employment insurance

Employment insurance will help you keep from going bankrupt if you lose your job!

If you live in Canada, then you might want to think about employment insurance. Essentially, employment insurance is just a way for you to insure your income in the future. While you are still working, you pay premiums – and usually these will not be too expensive. Then, if you lose your job in the future, you’ll be allowed to apply for extra unemployment benefits – essentially, you are insuring your income for the future. This is a good idea if you feel that you are in any risk of losing your job.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you will not be eligible to get the benefits of employment insurance if it is your fault that you have lost your job. However, if you lose your job due to lay-offs, or because there is not enough work, or if your employer goes out of business, then you are probably eligible. You also have to be without work for an entire week straight and that you have done enough work in the past year to be eligible.

As far as how much money you will get from your claim, how much your premiums cost and how many hours you have to work in order to be eligible, those numbers vary from place to place. Therefore, if you want to find out exactly what you’ll need to do in order to be eligible for employment insurance should you lose your job, you should contact a government office and ask.

You can check to find out where you need to apply or where the nearest office is. If you are nervous about applying for employment insurance online, then you can go to the office that is nearest to you and apply there.

If you are worried that you could lose your job at any time in the near future, then you should definitely start paying the premiums for employment insurance. As long as you are eligible for this insurance then you will not have as much to worry about if you lose your job. All you’ll have to do is fill out the claim after you lose your job, and you’ll start getting your employment insurance benefits.

Don’t wait! If you live in Canada, you should apply as soon as possible!