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About consumer credit

If you do not understand consumer credit, you will be far more likely to misuse credit, and ruin your financial situation. That is why the subject of consumer credit is so important.

A lot of people get their first experience with consumer credit when they get their student credit card. This is where their study of consumer credit begins. Credit card users need to be knowledgeable in credit terms such as APR, rewards, balance transfer and cash back.

You can also get department store cards specific to one brand name store. A department store card has its pros and cons. A lot of offers are advertised if you sign up for a card, such as discounts and free gifts. However the APR on these consumer credit cards is often considerably higher than most regular credit cards.

When you are a consumer of credit you need to know your legal rights so that you can protect yourself. For example if you are being hassled by collectors, you should be aware of the Fair Debt Collection Act, which lays out the rules that limits the actions a collector can use to retrieve his money.

You have a legal right to view your credit report. Your credit report is a history of your financial transactions and if you are turned down for a loan, you can view your report to determine why. You can get your credit report from a credit reporting bureau. You may be eligible for a free credit report to view your consumer credit status. How good your credit score is will determine what loans you can get and on what interest rates.

Consumer credit counseling

Misuse of credit can often lead to a high amount of consumer credit loans which can in turn lead to bankruptcies. If you are facing an overwhelming debt situation, it may be advantageous to seek out consumer credit counseling.

If your credit situation has deteriorated, consumer credit counseling may help. Counseling can help you determine your financial situation and help you find ways to repair your credit. Counseling can help you better manage your finances, so that you can stay out of debt and become a more informed user of consumer credit.