Credit Cards

Cash back credit card

Cash back credit cards allow you to earn cash back on your credit card purchases. Discovery credit started the cash back program some time ago and it has since then expanded greatly. Instead of gift items or airline miles, many people would rather get back some cash from their credit card issuer. They can then decide how to use their reward money on their own.

Cash back percentages can vary, for example some cards may offer as much as 10% on items such as groceries and less than 1% on other purchases such as gas. You should get a cash back credit card, which offers high rewards on purchases you make most often. This way you will be able to get more money back from your credit card.

You can find many different companies and financial institutions offering a variety of cash back credit cards, for example:

  • Blue from American express
  • Discover platinum cash back cards

Your cash will accumulate in the rewards program until you have reached the minimum limit to withdraw. You will be then be eligible to receive your cash. Many companies allow you to send the cash to your credit card account, to your bank account or as a check sent to your mailing address.

You should be aware that a cash back credit card may have a higher APR or annual fee. You should calculate whether according to your credit use, the cash back program would be worth the extra cost.

Cashback rewards

If you decide to get a cash back credit card, you still need to compare different cards from different companies to find the best one for you. Things you should be taking into account are a low APR, low fees, balance transfer option and security features. Also getting a cash back credit card from a well-known company can help you get quality customer service and some nice features on your credit card.

If you decide a cash back credit card is not for you, you can look for just a low interest credit card. Alternatively you can find other reward credit cards that can provide free gas, airline tickets, gift cards, etc.