Buying flight insurance is not necessary for most trips

While there are a lot of risks associated with flying or going on trips, in most cases, these assumptions and associations are actually false. Flight on commercial airlines is actually very safe, and you are highly unlikely to get in any sort of an accident on an aircraft. In fact, the statistics show that you are so much more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident that flight insurance is probably not worthwhile. It is this reason that most companies do not charge very much for flight insurance at all – the chances that any of these companies will have to pay out on the flight insurance are very low.

Buying flight insurance brings up a lot of other issues that you should consider when you’re about to go on a trip. Almost every travel agency or trip planner will offer you special travel insurance that has to do with the particular trip that you are going on. You should definitely not buy this insurance right away. Instead, you should make sure that you know exactly what you’re buying. In most cases, the money that you’re spending on flight or travel insurance is completely pointless.

Why? Most of the risks that you will be undertaking when you go on a trip are already covered in the rest of your insurance policies. Therefore, you should only consider flight or travel insurance if you are not already covered. Make sure that you check first, of course, because it is possible that you have more coverage than you know. For instance, many credit card companies will give you insurance on trips if you pay for them using your credit card. Likewise, sometimes homeowner’s policies will also cover your hotel room while you’re living in it.

One type of travel insurance that you should look into no matter what, though, is trip cancellation insurance. This is not like buying flight insurance, because this is a type of insurance that is actually useful. If you are going to pay for a relatively expensive trip, then you should make sure that you have some cancellation insurance just in case something comes up.