How do I bring consulting into my lease purchase business

As you are making your cold calls on property, you will run into sellers that are having a hard time selling, however, the numbers just don’t work for you to take on the deal. Do you just say, “I can’t work with those numbers”.

Heck, no. In fact, I don’t even use that phrasing.

After I get all my information on the house, financing, why they are selling, and what their needs are; I know whether or not the deal will work. I always send a follow-up letter, and a brochure. I follow-up a couple of days later to be sure they got the information, and mention that I could consult with them and help them move the property quickly, usually in 30 days or less.

Remember, the time factor here. You are using consulting because the numbers don’t work. The seller, however, needs to move the property within a specific time frame, so you have an additional option and a very good solution for him.

If the seller is not time motivated, you will not get a consultation immediately. Consulting might work later on, but she/he is going to want to think about it. When I cold call on these, I follow-up with a brochure, my phone call that they received the information, and that I will get back to them or they can call me if the traditional methods don’t work for them. I always say to them, I just want them to know that there are other options for them to go with.

You have to give value in your consultations. If you don’t have some kind of written material for them, which I strongly suggest, you will have to sit down with them, and do a lot of hand holding. This also limits you to only working with individuals in your immediate area, and as we mention in our manuals and e-books, consulting on the web is a dream, and can add substantially to your cash flow.

You also need to have a reasonable price structure. I know some people believe in charging a bundle for consultations (many of these individuals only work in areas e.g. CA they can get away with this; I’d like to see them try this in let’s say Indiana, Kentucky, or some areas in the South); however keeping your pricing at a affordable level gets you more business, more referrals, and ultimately more money. Pricing is going to also be very dependent on the area you are working in.

I’d rather have five consultations per week than just one, because I then have five people that can refer me to their friends and colleagues.

What we do is offer several packages to sellers. The consultation is at a basic rate with 30, 60 and 90 day follow up periods. The price is commiserate with the follow-up periods.

So try consulting, it’s another income stream for you, that is also a win-win-win situation for you, the seller and the tenant/buyer.

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