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BEAP is creating a substantial income

There are currently over 52 million active mortgages in the United States today, and only 2% of these mortgage holders are aware of the savings created by Biweekly Equity Acceleration Programs (BEAP). This dilemma poses a thrilling opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a business venture that can create a substantial income stream.

The BEAP has unbelievable appeal to homeowners unaware that they can save thousands per year on their mortgage, without refinancing. And, with commissions starting at $300 per client, an enterprising business person can comprehend the income potential of getting involved in this industry.

BEAP representatives are responsible for introducing homeowners to the benefits this service provides, this includes saving thousands on interest payments, and creating equity in their homes three times faster. The program accomplishes this without refinancing the mortgage, it only changes the way payments are made to the lender and how they are applied.

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