Americans are drowning in debt: How playing lifeguard could make you a success

It’s all over the news these days: America is swimming–or rather drowning–in debt. The average adult holds several open credit accounts, many paying only the minimum payment due every month.

The problem of debt in America cannot be overstated. In fact, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer debt last year equaled almost two trillion dollars. This debt translates to some $18,700 per US household. This number only includes things like credit cards and car loans — NOT home mortgages.

As Americans realize the severity of this problem, credit counselors and debt consolidation providers are busier than ever.
But those who feel they cannot stay afloat amid an ocean of debt too often declare bankruptcy: a move that can devastate a family for years to come.

So if bankruptcy is not the answer, what is? What America needs is someone to provide comprehensive financial solutions and services. Someone to bring them a level of financial security they thought they’d never see again. And you can help.

Organizations in this field understand the importance of innovative financial solutions, but also education. They give clients an opportunity to pay down current debt, but also to change the way they view money, so they don’t duplicate bad financial decisions.

These companies are on the lookout for people (independent consultants in most cases) to help them take their services into cities and towns across America, helping them locate and help the people that need it.

All someone needs to succeed as an independent consultant is the desire to achieve in their own business, and a willingness to help others free themselves of debt. If you think you might be cut out for such a business, the opportunities are everywhere.
And with Americans continuing to lay down the plastic, the opportunity for growth is astounding.

About the author
Author Marco Carbajo is co-founder of UCan2 Opportunity, Inc.
UCan2 offers education, financial services, and opportunity for YOU to help families become debt-free and financially healthy as an independent consultant across the country. No experience required, training provided. A Free Personal Debt Consultation is available on the internet at: For a Free Information Package email