Debt Elimination

A guide to credit repair

A good credit rating and good credit score is vital to just about every aspect of financial life. A good credit score will help ensure that you get the lowest possible interest rate on a loan, while a poor credit score may prevent you from getting any loan at all.

For those whose credit has been damaged, there are a number of credit repair agencies who make it there business to repair that damaged credit. The effectiveness of these businesses varies, and it is sometimes difficult to remove legitimate negative events from a credit report. It can be worth a try, however, particularly if the fees are reasonable and the work is guaranteed.

When seeking credit repair services, it is important to deal only with legitimate, reputable companies with a history of success. That means checking the references you are given, checking the company?s reputation with the Better Business Bureau and checking for any unanswered complaints.

It is also a good idea to get recommendations from family and friends. If your family members or friends have had problems with their own credit, they may be able to share their strategy for success.

Some credit repair agencies simply remove errors from your credit report, while others attempt to remove legitimate negative items as well. It is important to understand exactly what is being promised when signing up for a credit repair service.

It is also important to understand all fees and expenses before committing to a credit repair agency. Be sure to read all paperwork carefully, and consult an attorney if you feel it is necessary. It is vital to understand exactly what the company is promising to do ? and not do ? in the credit repair process.

Of course once your credit report is clean, it is up to you to keep it that way. Avoiding excessive levels of debt, and avoiding making late payments or missing payments, is a vital part of safeguarding one of your most important financial assets.

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