Debt Elimination

33 ways to become debt free!

Learn how to have Your MONEY work for you, don’t work for your money… Because you can be DEBT FREE!

Here are the secrets:

  1. Don’t buy food at convenience stores; Save 20-30%, they overcharge you for convenience… plan ahead!
  2. Avoid impulse items which are placed at check out counters.
  3. Buy when items are on sale.
  4. Buy non brand names.
  5. Plan your meals in advance.
  6. Put together a list of items needed and don’t waste fuel going to the store for 1 or 2 items.
  7. Don’t eat out! Make everything from scratch, like grandma did! It taste better and it will cost less.
  8. Only buy what is on your shopping list.
  9. Don’t bring your kids or go to the store when you are hungry or you will buy things you don’t need.
  10. Buy whole chickens and cut it up yourself.
  11. Buy drinks in larger bottles; you will save 2 to 3 cents per ounce. For carbonated drinks secure the cap and shake the bottle after each use to stay fresh.
  12. Bag your lunch.
  13. Use coupons. But don’t travel too far; gas may cost you more.
  14. Watch the cash register scanners for errors, especially on sale items.
  15. Buy larger sized/quantity items.
  16. Shop at discount stores.
  17. Don’t buy coffee/smoothies or any expensive drinks out. Make it at home.
  18. Don’t buy dry cleanable clothes.
  19. Buy mix and match clothes.
  20. Buy at yard sales, especially children clothes. Remember the price is negotiable.
  21. Buy at consignment/thrift stores.
  22. Buy at outlet centers.
  23. Ask the clerk when the next sale will be and if you can place the item on hold till that sale.
  24. Get on the mailing list for sales.
  25. Don’t wear new cloths when you are hanging around the house or doing any dirty work.
  26. Buy end of the season specials.
  27. Sell larger expensive items in a classified ad.
  28. Sell smaller inexpensive items in a garage sale.
  29. Journalize your spending. If using your visa, mark it as a visa item in your check book. It is a good way to reconcile to your visa bill and it is deducted from your check book.
  30. No impulse buying.
  31. Don’t buy because you think you deserve it. (You don’t deserve things, unless you want to pay for that thing for 5 years or possibly go bankrupt because of those things you deserve). Grow up!
  32. Realize you have a credit card addiction problem: if you can only pay off the minimum balance each month or you don’t pay timely.
  33. Don’t be tempted… Don’t go shopping when you are bored only buy what you need, not what you want or deserve.

Thanks for reading and learning.

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