Youth entrepreneurship, A disappointing truth

The psychology of entrepreneurship can be very rewarding to one who dreams of starting their own business. The freedom of being your own boss has billions of people seeking financial independence and other entrepreneurial expectations. But is entrepreneurship for everyone? Are their any restrictions on who can become entrepreneurs? Sadly, the answer is yes. Many people turn their heads when it comes to assisting young people with business projects, they believe age plays a vital part on the success of an entrepreneur, this in some cases causes the entrepreneur to abandon their dream.

Youth entrepreneurship has great wealth to it; it keeps youth out of trouble, adds growth to the economy, and establishes the opportunity for a better future of business to come. Youth is the age of anyone who is looked upon as young. Young entrepreneurs face many weighty problems such as obtaining start -up capital, leasing property, equipment and so on. When in grade school students were taught to plan for the future because they were the future. But if the present fails to make way it would be destroying the upcoming economy at an early start.

Many people have spoken on the importance of youth entrepreneurship, but few are planning for improvement. Most youth focused entrepreneurial organizations only educate on the “how to “ portion of entrepreneurship. These organizations lack the resources needed to help youth secure start-up loans after their books close. What good is having an entrepreneurial education if there are no start-up funds to reward it? Locally to nationally youth entrepreneurship still battles for the headlines, hoping the discrimination would someday end.

So what about the government don’t they offer funding? The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a large variety of guaranteed loan programs available to entrepreneurial minded individuals: however, these programs are not available to the younger generation due to the fact that they may not have a credit history. Therefore, I guess these loans are not so guaranteed after all.

Now let’s not assume all youth or even most, have come across these problems. There have been many successful young entrepreneurs who have not encountered such setbacks and have made history. Everyone will not look upon youth as incompetent, just some who might have neglected themselves because they lacked skillful knowledge back when they were younger. The point is, help youth today so they will be able to help you tomorrow and the cycle will continue.

About the author
Since the age of 17 Michael has runned businesses throughout Massachuttes and Connecticut. Now age 21 he holds an Associates Degree in Management and Business Administration and is the author of “Green light Entrepreneurship” which will be available to the public in January 2004.