Promote Your Business

Write a great classified ad

Classified ads are a cheap and powerful way to market just about any businesses. From your local paper, to trade journals, to ezines and web sites, classified ads offer you a myriad of ways to target specific groups of prospects.

I promote my site each month in Wired Magazines “line ad” classifieds. For a couple hundred bucks, we can reach one million people, most of whom are Internet tech folks and designers who can send us lots of business.

Give your classified ad a headline. In most cases, this will be two to three words in all capitals at the beginning of the first line. Make those three words stand out. Start with an action word. EARN MORE NOW……FEEL BETTER FAST…SAVE 50% IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t feel like your classified ad has to speak in complete sentences. Use short sentences. One or two words is fine.

Be sure to mention a problem your prospects have that you can solve. Tell people how to find out more about you and how to buy.

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