So what’s all the fuss about working from home anyway?

Picture this.

It’s the middle of January. It’s 20 below outside and it’s snowing. At 6 o’clock the alarm goes off. The start of a brand new day.

You crawl out of bed and try to rush around getting ready and getting your stuff together: you have to be at work by 7 am. Outside you go. Your car is covered in snow (Your Wife’s car has “garage privileges”). Grumbling, you clear the snow off the car, climb in and start it up. (Hopefully it DOES start) You sit there for a moment, shivering, and think to yourself “Why me, Lord?”

Now picture this.

It’s still the middle of January, cold and snowy outside. But this time your alarm doesn’t go off. Now it doesn’t have to. You gradually come to, look over at the clock and see that it’s 8 am. You’re well rested so you get up and take a peek outside. Other people are preparing to battle their way to work through the traffic and snow. But not you. Now you don’t have to. You, my friend, are now making a comfortable living working from home.

So, you go into your home office and turn on your computer. Maybe wander into the kitchen to grab a coffee while it boots up. You check your email and get that warm satisfied feeling. You sold more products. More people have signed up for your affiliate programs and your newsletter. All of this while you were fast asleep in bed!

You take that good feeling with you and jump into the shower. Maybe we’ll go out for breakfast if this snow clears up.

Later, back in front of your computer, you do what you need to do to keep your business running smoothly. Work on the next edition of your newsletter, order some ezine ads. work on your latest article, answer your emails etc.

OK. So I know that first scenario was maybe an extreme case, but this IS the case for thousands upon thousands of people who have to suffer through cold snowy winters. But even if you are fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate, wouldn’t it be so much nicer to savor that first cup of coffee (or tea!) on your deck or patio rather than gulping it down on your way to work?

Listen; maybe you’re one of the fortunate few who enjoy their job. If so, then good for you. My Father was like that. If he had lived in this day and age with his marketing talents, then who knows what he may have achieved.

The point is that it doesn’t matter whether you love your job or, like the vast majority of folks, hate it. Working from home in your own internet business is certainly worth some very serious thought.

And even if you do like your job where does it really get you? You work hard and get raises, maybe a promotion. Which probably results in more stress and high blood pressure. Ah, but don’t forget you still get your 3 or 4 weeks annual vacation 😉 And all this time you are putting more money in your boss’s pockets – a LOT more than in yours!

Of course, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Heck, if it were, the economy would collapse! It takes hard work, dedication and determination -especially in the early stages when you are getting set up and established. Plus don’t forget that it is a Business with a capital ‘B’, not just “playing on the computer and surfing the internet” as a lot of people think.

At the end of the day of course, the choice is entirely yours. Do you REALLY want to carry on as you are or do you want the freedom (financial and, more importantly time) that running your own business can bring?

Yes, maybe you will have setbacks and a few failures along the way. But you will learn from these. And nothing will give you greater satisfaction than one day to be able to say “Look at me, I’m a successful Internet Marketer.”

The only question now is how to get started on this road to financial freedom and success.

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