Workflow management software: Businesses are getting into the flow

Ah, the ebb and flow of work. Sometimes it seems like there is much more ebbing than flowing with all of the workflow, the deadlines, the projects and presentations, but overall the tide seems to constantly be flowing in and out, in and out, in and . . . sorry. Recently a friend returned from a cruise in the Bahamas and commented that he still felt that he was ebbing and flowing as if he were still on water. Many times I have felt the same way after a long day of incoming projects and outgoing reports. But I am not alone. Recent business studies have shown an increasing need for some kind of workflow management software to enable more efficient workflow management.

Overall, most of the daily business activities include collaboration with committees, departments, that board, or this client, in order to bring everyone onto the same page. Though collaboration is the most effective way to enable workflow, the challenge is finding workflow management software that enables effective workflow.

Drafts of budgets, sales reports, market presentations, and more, flow back and forth as fast as a mouse can click “send.” The back and forth, or ebb and flow of these documents is often a challenge to manage. About two-thirds of businesses do collaborative work as a normal part of the business day, and I am sure that most of them know what I am talking about. Workflow management software is now available in a variety of workflow management software packages. In fact, if you type “workflow management software” in Google, the search yields about 8 million 120 thousand indexed pages regarding the subject. This is a reflection of the growing need for workflow management software which helps businesses track documents that are incoming and outgoing.

True, the right workflow management software will help you feel that you are standing on solid ground again, but searching through the over 8 million options available may make you feel that you are drifting out on the water again.

There are two major challenges to adopting workflow management software. First, it is often intimidating to adopt new technology. Second, it is a challenge to find workflow management software that meets your businesses needs.

These do not have to be challenges. There is a way to whittle down the 8 million options available to find one that is easy to use and meets all of your business’s needs. In searching for workflow management software, most businesses are not interested in adding new IT to their technology. They simply want software that will work for them the minute it is downloaded. Search for workflow management software that does not require IT. It is easy to use and it is not at all intimidating. It is helpful to use the free demo to see exactly how the workflow management software helps you to track document workflow and to see if it is what your business is looking for.

In addition to simple workflow management software, compatible software is what studies show businesses are looking for. By compatible, I mean that businesses use email to collaborate. That means that attachments are often included. Is there workflow management software able to track documents through email and computer drives? Is there workflow management software able to work with the most common office applications? The answer to both questions is yes.

New technologies are now available in workflow management software that enables you to track documents and its changes through email, desktops, and hard drives. This technology is called Digital Thread, and it threads document versions together, tracking the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and how’s of documents.

That information is displayed every time you open up a document version from email or any other drive on your computer through Digital Signature. You always know what you are working on. If you need to see the bigger picture or the family tree of the document versions, Version History compiles and displays a document genealogy for you. Tracking and tracing document steps through workflow management software puts you on solid ground again as you manage the ebb and flow of a day at the office.

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