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Why content marketing is the only marketing left

It may be the biggest cliche in the book, that Marketing is about creating value for customers. It does not get any less true though. In the new decade we are facing, we are going to see a shift in the way companies execute their marketing effort – hopefully. Atleast that is what many marketing experts are predicting, a shift to a more content-centric quality based kind of marketing. In this article that is brought in cooperation with, we discuss why content marketing may be the only kind of marketing left.

George Orwell and “the rattling stick inside a swill bucket”

The famous author George Orwell describe in his novel “Keep the aspidistra flying” from 1936 that marketing and advertising is merely “the rattling stick inside a swill bucket”. A swill bucket is a instrument you use to feed pigs with and you use the stick to get the pigs attention. In 1936 this was Orwells version of how marketing and advertising work on humans. And he was somewhat right – the marketing of the former century was nothing compared to our times tools of marketing. Therefore is this the time, where companies should prove Orwell wrong and create marketing that goes beyond pushing sales bullshit.

Seth Godin and his purple cow

Seth Godin literally said in a podcast: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”. He further explained that in his bestselling book Purple Cow, which is probably one of the greatest book about marketing on the market and sold over 150,000 copies.

Purple Cow on a field

In this book Godin describes why companies should make themself remarkable and create a history and a brand for themself. Only by making themself remarkable and outstanding will companies succeed. He describes the importance of customer relations and why it is so important to treat customers good and putting an extra effort into serving them. Only companies who produce remarkable products and target people who will endorse it and spread the word are the ones who win in the long run. In general the book present concepts and examples on why marketers should spent time producing remarkable content instead of burning their money on TV- and Radio advertisement. It can help everyone in any given situation and even has a checklist in the end of the book on how to create something remarkable.

Cut through the noise with actual value for your customer

So hopefully, this can be the beginning of an era in marketing, where people put effort into creating great content marketing. Quit the discounts, quit the coupons and stop market your products to the lowest marginal price. If you create content that offers actual value to the customers, you will be able to cut through all the noise. People with start recognizing your company and its products, and you will have a win-win situation. Start today – put some heartfelt and sincere efforts into your content marketing and watch your marketing performance boom.