Credit Cards

UK credit card

If you live in United Kingdom you have a variety of credit card offers to select from. You can get a UK credit card from a bank, credit card company or a department store. You can either get an international credit card or one specific for UK.

One option is a UK credit card form Barclay bank. Barclaycard is a leading payment provider in UK. Barclay offers a variety of card options to its customers.

  • Barclaycard Platinum
  • Barclaycard Simplicity
  • Barclaycard Initial
  • Premiership Barclaycard

They have different services to offer with each card. Student UK credit cards can earn rewards with cash back and free gift items. For frequent travelers, Barclay credit cards offer savings on travel and travel insurance. You can choose a reward program that best fits your lifestyle.

Besides Barclay you can go to other banks to apply for a credit card, such as Alliance, Halifax and Nationwide. You can also apply at an online bank for a UK credit card. You will get online access to your credit card account so you are better able to maintain your account.

It is important to choose a reliable company from which to get your UK credit card. You can also get MasterCard, Discovery and Visa cards in UK.

Visa credit card in a black wallet

Alternatively you can get a card from Cahoots online bank. The Cahoots UK credit card offers a low interest rate to most customers and low fees. Besides credit cards, Cahoots can also help you with insurance, mortgages, loans, etc.

As you see you have a wide variety of options available when shopping for a UK credit card. Before you get a credit card you need to compare options so you can make a better decision. Once you have considered the APR, annual fees and reward options you are looking for, you can narrow your UK credit card options until you have arrived at your decision.

You can apply online for a UK credit card or by simply visiting the bank or issuer’s office. Once you have filled out the appropriate application, the issuer will review it and your UK credit card will be sent to you.