Turning your customers into lifetime customers

The prosperity or success of any business depends on the customer base that particular product has in the market. That is the fate of any business depends almost entirely on the trust level it can have amongst the customer population.

If the customer likes or he/she finds a particular product useful or of better quality, they are going to come again and again for shopping on the same quantity. On the other hand, if they find something wrong with a particular product, that particular product is going to rest in the shelves for time unlimited. Hence the trick behind the whole issue is all about turning customers into lifetime customers business wise. That’s the only way one can market his/her products in a better way. And remember, cutting prices alone cannot save a business, but only the value you can offer.

Let us put down one by one, the points, which need to be stressed for attracting customers on a regular and frequent basis.

  • Studies have shown that 45% of direct, on-off buyers don’t go for a second shopping. Hence it is a better idea to tap that customer base – which includes the customers who form the repurchasing group – and spend your marketing expenses accordingly. Also tune your marketing guns on the customers who exhibit traits of repurchasing but yet to make a solid move.
  • Look out to maintain high qualities for your products. If you have succeeded in gaining the customer’s trust, it further implies that you need to maintain the trust level always. At some point, if they feel that your product is losing quality, it can be said that the damage has been done, almost irrevocably.
  • One other important factor that nurtures a strong and increasing customer base is the after sales support. Such a backing up adds a new level of security to the customers. Also, as most companies now offer customer services post sale, one cannot stay back from jumping in to the bandwagon.

If the customer contacts you for help or any other service, be prompt to respond to the call. And while providing services to the customer, take time out to see if the customer is actually happy with the way things are being done. If he/she is not happy, immediately find out and rectify the mistakes. Remember, profitability and long-term successes are directly dependent on the lifetime relationship you enjoy with the customer. And simply it cannot be forged in any other way.

Turning customers into lifetime customers business wise is not at all an easy task, instead, it forms a make or break deal for any business. Whatever be the business type you can think of – if there is any level of customer participation – the customers are the corner stone of the whole deal. And to appease and gain their confidence is the best business strategy you can rely on. Keep in mind, the bottom line is all about turning customers into lifetime customers business wise.