Throw caution to the wind

Ever buy something only to find out you can’t use it, can’t return it, and are stuck paying for it? That’s a fear that often underlies our purchases. You can bet the doubt of “not being able to use it” follows your customers around as well.

When a prospect thinks about buying from you, then backs away without making a purchase, the doubt factor is often the reason.

Your sales efforts and marketing materials can put doubts to rest.

  • Offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. This is much easier to do with products than when selling services. If customers can return the product in resellable condition, offer them a healthy money-back guarantee: two weeks, one month, one year. You’ll get few returns, but almost every customer will be put at ease by your “no risk” policy.
  • Give prospects a free sample or trial period. Let them try your product or service to make sure they can use it. Often just knowing the trial is available will make customers more comfortable placing an order.
  • Provide a demonstration. I often give people a few tips on how to improve their web site or sales copy. This gives them a quick demonstration of what I can do for them. Many soon return to place an order.
  • Offer to fix the product or service if problems arise. This is especially important if you sell something that is widely thought to have a lot of problems. In the end you may end up making more money from providing the repair service than from selling the original item.

About the author
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