5 strategies for selling yourself

This is a constant debate. Should you sell your product or yourself? Of course you should always sell the product. But, your long term goal should be to sell yourself as well. Here’s how to start.

Be completely comfortable with who you are. Try to change yourself too much and people will sense dishonesty.

You should have a marketing strategy, but also be willing to give free advice and referrals. If you are building a long-term enterprise, this will be invaluable as you open up relationships with your customers.

Gain a reputation of being sincerely interested in your customers BEFORE you start selling. Talk to them informally and make them remember you were there.

If you have a web site, update it often and make sure there is plenty of information. Invite people to refer to your web site for details on your products and services.

Above all, make yourself interesting to others. If you sell yourself as well as the product you will always have an eager market.

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