Ad stories customers love

Customers love it when your ad or web copy tells a story. People everywhere have been telling stories since caveman days. It’s a natural way to get prospects to pay attention to you.

Take a paragraph to describe how the customer FEELS before they buy your product or service. Then tell how they feel AFTER they buy from you.

The customer might feel pressured, overworked, and tired. “You work longer and harder every day only to find yourself falling further behind. After a while you just don’t feel the enthusiasm that used to propel you through the day.”

Maybe the customer doesn’t feel very successful. Your program could give them the success they crave. “With an extra $2,000 per month, you can get the big home you’ve always promised yourself. Pay off the credit cards. Now you’ll have the money you need to park that luxury car in your driveway. Imagine the look on your neighbor’s face. You have arrived!”

The power of storytelling

Your story might show how an employee could impress the boss. “Show the CEO how the Gadget 300 saves 30 percent on outsourcing costs. That means more operating budget for other needs. It could mean impressing the boss and getting yourself in position for the promotion you deserve.”

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