Promote Your Business

Spice up your banner or sign

Boring signs and banners often get boring results. Spice up your sign for better results.

Get a sign that lets you put a changing message on it. We often see church signs with a daily inspirational message. Why not have a changing message of your own? Put up a sale, tell a joke, or make a comment. People who pass it each day will start to notice.

Go one step further and get an electric sign. Prices are coming down while sign technology is getting more impressive. Simple scrolling messages work well, but some allow for animated graphics.

Use the same drawing or graphic on your sign, on your building, on your business cards, and in all your ads. A consistent graphic helps people identify you. It’s probably the oldest trick in marketing dating back to ancient times when most people couldn’t read your name, but could identify your graphic.

Use magnetic signs and bumper stickers on your business vehicles.
You may be surprised how many people you reach in a single commute. One donut chain always has their vintage van on the road. The unusual looking vehicle gets attention and draws eyes to their logo painted on the side.

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