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Send out a quiz

Sales letters often get low response. That’s expected. An average sales letter may get less than one percent response while three percent has the sales crew doing back flips.

You can increase the response of your sales letter, email letter, or web site copy by including a quiz. This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks around.

Many people simply can’t pass up a quiz, especially if it seems directed to someone just like themselves.

Laptop on table with male taking an online quiz

For example, if you are shopping for a VW Bug, you might enthusiastically respond to quiz that asked:

Why do you think people drive Bug’s? A: They enjoy the maneuverability. B: Bugs remind them of the 60s. C: Bugs make people look cool.

The point of all this is a quiz gets people involved with your company. They stop, think, consider, and wind up having a deeper impression of you and what you sell.

When you work to get prospects more involved with your marketing, better sales follow.

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