Credit Cards

What are secured credit cards?

Secured credit cards are cards that are backed by money deposited into a savings account. Basically the credit company is taking little risk since your savings will cover the money you spend.

Unlike most credit cards, which allow you to spend money you do not have, secured credit cards will limit your spending depending on the amount you have in your savings account. The secured card limit will be a fraction of the money deposited in your savings account, sometimes even 100%.

The minimum amount of money you are required to maintain in the savings account can differ among secured credit card offers. It can be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The main benefit to secured credit cards is that they can help you rebuild your credit history. If you need a credit card but are denied from most companies because of your poor credit, secured credit cards may be your only choice. If you maintain your spending and pay your bills on time, you will soon repair your credit and be eligible for other credit cards and loans.

If you have declared a bankruptcy, not many credit card companies are going to be willing to approve you. A secured card can help you fix your credit situation.

People with bad credit will be charge high interest rates whenever they are approved for a loan. Rather than paying those high rates, it is advisable to a fix your credit score. A secured credit card can be a handy tool in your credit repair toolbox. Eventually you will bring up your credit score so you are eligible for low interest loans. You can possibly save hundreds and thousands of dollars just through reduced interest rates.

If you have no credit history, secured credit cards will let you build one. If you use it wisely, you can start building a good credit report before you go out and apply for a home or auto loan.

Rebuild your credit history

People with poor or no credit who want a credit card for their purchases can apply for a secured credit card. You will not have to carry cash with you everyplace you go.

However, secured credit cards will not let you spend beyond your limit. This may be a drawback or a benefit depending on your situation. If you frequently accumulate debt by spending over your limit, secured credit cards can help you bring a stop to that.

Even though the credit card company has secured the loan with your savings account, it is still possible to hurt your credit score through secured credit cards. If you do not pay your monthly bills on time, you will accrue interest payments on your balance since the balance amount is not automatically deducted from your savings account.

Therefore just like any other credit card there are many different things to consider when acquiring your secured credit card. It is important to look at the various fees and interest rates associated with a secured credit card. Also you need to pay off your bills on time so that the secured credit card can actually help your credit score rather than hurting it.

Many companies offer secured credit cards therefore you can shop around to locate the one that is the right fit for you.