How to respond to a question

You’re on the phone with a customer. She asks a question.

How do you respond? Being a good listener as well as being good at answering questions is a key part of selling.

Many of us take too long to answer the question. Or in the process of answering, we feel like we’re losing ground with the customer. We start to make excuses, cave in with a lower price, or over extend by offering to add more at no charge.

When a customer or prospect asks a question:

  • Listen closely. Try not to think of your response until you’ve heard the entire question.
  • Pause a second to organize your thoughts. You aren’t a politician. Pausing before you speak isn’t considered a sign of indecision. The customer will feel you’re taking the trouble to come up with a response customized to their particular situation.
  • Repeat the customer’s question.
  • Give an answer that provides one point. Some marketers like to include a hint that leads to a second point that can be brought up a moment later.
  • Stop there. Don’t say another word. Let the customer reply. This is especially true if you ask for the sale or give your price. The next person who speaks loses the negotiation.

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