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Rent a mailing list

Marketing almost always works better when it is tightly targeted. And you can’t get much more targeted than a good mailing list. Mailing list brokers give you choices of lists for just about any lifestyle group, neighborhood, industry, or behavior (like people who always buy your product or service this time of year).

Because North Americans move a lot, lists quickly go out of date. A good list has recently compiled names and addresses. These lists cost more, but they save you lots of money by getting your letter to the right prospects with a minimal number of undeliverables.

As you can imagine, a good list is valuable. List brokers don’t sell their lists. They only rent them. And don’t try to cheat by sending more than once or loaning the list to a friend. Brokers plant their own addresses in the list to let them monitor how the list is used.

Mailing lists come in three types:

  • Response Lists consist of people who are known to buy certain types of products and services. Ever buy a product then suddenly get lots of mail for similar products?
  • Occupant Lists give you names and addresses for a certain area or zip code.
  • Compiled Lists are names pulled from phone books, ads in publications, and media subscription lists.

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