Credit Cards

Protecting yourself from credit card fraud

Credit card fraud has become surprisingly common nowadays. Credit card fraud can potentially cause consumers a great deal of stress and hassle. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the security features offered in your credit card deal. For example, in the case of unauthorized charges on your card, are you liable for any portion of that money?

Credit card fraud protection is also increasing with credit card companies striving to contain fraud and consumers becoming more aware of the problem. There are certain steps you can take to make sure that you are protected from credit card fraud.

When you apply for a credit card, make sure you look at the security and credit card fraud prevention features offered by the issuing company. Fraud protection features are important for individuals and businesses.

You can protect yourself from credit card fraud by checking your monthly statements. This way you will be able to detect any unauthorized charges on your credit card. You will have to contact the credit card company to let them know. The earlier you spot such fraudulent charges, the less negative effects they will have. Many companies and banks also offer online account management where you can access your statements 24 hours a day.

To protect yourself from credit card fraud you should never reply to an email message that appears to come from your credit card company or your bank. This is an omnipresent scam where fake email messages are generated to trick people into handing over their account numbers and other personal information. Also do not give personal information when you receive a phone call purportedly from your credit card company. Be sure to call them yourself or when online enter their web address to reach the issuer’s Website.

Try to keep your credit card with you as much as possible. When handing it to a waiter at a restraunt, be sure it is returned promptly. Keep it safe from view of others when in public so your account number stays safe. Also carry the credit card in a safe place such as in a wallet so that you do not drop it accidentally.

Credit card phishing attack

It is important to properly dispose off statements and other documents to prevent thieves from going through your trash and stealing your identity. This is where a shredder can come in handy.

If your credit card gets stolen or you find any indication of credit card fraud, you should report the problem immediately to the issuing company or bank. They usually have a fraud prevention hotline where their customers can report fraudulent activity.

Small steps can help you avoid falling victim to credit card fraud. While many credit card companies offer zero or limited liability for unauthorized charges, it can be a great hassle correcting the mistakes, especially on your credit report.